To be a milliner

Ooooh, so after months of dilly-dallying, endless internet surfing, and scenes of Coco Chanel trimming hats in Coco avant Chanel running through my mind over and over again, I finally… FINALLY decided to book my first millinery class.

And not just any millinery class. Not for me the local community classes, no.

Daunted by the number of classes offered at local fashion colleges, I had to really think about what I aim to achieve. And I know it’s not making ‘fascinating fascinators’. No, I want to learn couture.

Haute couture is about skill and craftsmanship; creating art using the best of everything – expert skills and the highest quality of materials. You wouldn’t attempt a couture gown in an afternoon sewing session, so how could a traditional art like millinery be any different? No, I decided to learn from the best and here I will describe my experience on the way to being a couture milliner (fingers crossed), detailing every blistered finger, wonky brim, disappointing trim along the way.

As an art, millinery is very secretive. I’d love it if you participated on this blog, shared your own information if you are or aspire to be a milliner, or if you asked your own questions on the field that I’ll do my best to answer.

Enjoy. x


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