Hat news

NEW! – January 2011

STEPHEN JONES – Wow, in this insider profile, courtesy of Another Magazine, we get to hear a bit about how collaborations come about, in this case how Stephen Jones appointed his head of atelier. What I wouldn’t give to have a chance to see what the atelier is like! According to Adele Mildred at Stephen Jones, it’s ‘a bunch of grannies having a good time’… sounds right up my street…

December 2010

SHOE HAT – Be still, my heart, but here is a collaboration that might just send me into a faint. Manolo Blahnik with milliner extraordinaire Philip Treacy make a hat out of shoes together. I mean, it just doesn’t get any better than this!!!

Oh no, wait, it does. It is sold at Liberty’s, and the lining of the hat is made out of their famous paisley print. I think I just fainted for real…

November 2010

TURBAN TALES – Well, it would seem that I am not the only person to pick up on the turban theme going on this winter. Admittedly, I was too busy drooling over the stunning pictures at Jean Paul Gaultier to even think of an everyday version – what, and leave the smoky 40s fantasy world, no thanks!

Turbans ARE possible for everyday, especially once it gets a wee bit colder. When you feel that first gust of December air, know that I will using some vintage kimono fabric to make one of these to wear with my snuggly fur coat…

October 2010

To start this one off, a story about one of the maddest hatters of all, our icon, Isabella Blow.

To say How to be a Milliner is massively excited at the prospect of an Izzy movie is an understatement. To tip us over the edge, this report from vogue.com that one of our icons Philip Treacy will be played by… Brad Pitt! Add to that the confirmation from Grazia earlier this week that the movie is definitely a go, and we can hardly contain our excitement!!!


2 responses to “Hat news

  1. Beki

    A SHOE HAT?! This must surely be the best way to wear heels in London?

  2. Sam

    Schiaparelli inspired, being one of Jones favourite hat designers!

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