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Not old hat

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to report that things have been going well with How to be a Milliner – too well, in fact, hence the blog neglect.

But not for much longer – massive blog updating currently in progress, so keep your eye out for a full, proper hat catchup. And my, there is so much to catch up on, isn’t there?

Below, a little taster of what is blogging its way to you soon….


The ‘Jeff’ Flatcap, with liberty lining (pic would ruin the surprise!), plus the ‘Dream’ straw (pic also coming soon), and an exaple of some couture headband creations:

Liberty-print headband (Claire-Aude, L, narrow)

And finally, because this Milliner has to fund her learning and luxurious materials somehow, have a look at some latest developments:

  • How to be a milliner writes about craft (but not millinery, saving that for a rainier day!) – article for Stella magazine, out June 5 2011!!!!

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